Caz's clients say...



Caz is one of those Artists that enjoys the challenge and art of voiceovers. The Challenge energizes Caz and her passion for the art gives her the ability to bring something special to each performance. And she’s a top chick too! I’m privileged to work with one of Australia’s best, down to earth and humble Voice Artists.


Eddie Bye

Commercial Production Manager  

NOVA Entertainment



Professional yet easy going, whenever Caz walks into the studio I can relax because I know we're in good hands. 

Caz goes the extra mile and always nails the brief effortlessly. If Caz isn't on your short list, she should be.


Myles Lowe  

Sound Designer  




I’ve had the pleasure of working with Caz on countless radio and TV campaigns, numerous corporate projects and even the odd inflight entertainment announcement. 

I can truly vouch for her incredible versatility, her unrivalled passion and quite simply her determination to get the job done, just the way you need it!

It’s always a pleasure getting Caz behind the mic, not only for the reasons I’ve listed above, but she’s just an all round awesome person.


Anthony Badolato    

Sound Designer



Dear Caz, I apologise for not getting to this testimonial thingy to you yet. It's because I'm finding it difficult to find the right words. 

I mean you're so good at your craft, where do I start? That voice of yours is a knockout. Your timing is impeccable. You're always a delight to work with. 

Basically, you're a damn fine voice actor and audio professional. Don't worry, I'll think of something and get back to you...


James Roberts   





Caz's voice has a generous familiarity and approachability that lends itself beautifully to any style of read, from enthusiastic sell to sensual persuasion.

Always a favourite for corporate and eLearning productions, Caz can make the complex and technical sound oh so easy and hey, even fun!

Touted as one of the most directable VO's in the business, Caz's natural playfulness and perfect sense of timing and pitch make for a consumate professional who always delivers and loves a challenge.

Caz also operates her own professional home studio.

+61 2 9369 5700

Alex Mathews

Rachel Cousins